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We’ve been doing that ‘full meal deal’ since 2003. Today that package has been expanded to include a free digital brochure master (a $37 value) with any order that includes both a floor plan and virtual tour.

Homelands.ca created Vancouver Island’s original Photo and Floor Plan package.


Floor Plans to go!

When it comes to viewing homes in today’s market it’s all about first impressions. Which home will get more attention; the one with compelling photos and presentation or the one with the flash snapshots and predictable blurb? You guessed it - equivalent homes, but the one that is well-photographed and presented is obviously more attractive and consequently the first choice.

Homelands.ca gets buyers into your listings because the images are true-to-life, realistic, colourful and appealing. We leave our flash guns and extra lighting in the closet, where they belong. Rather than doing it the easy way, Homelands.ca photography uses a system that employs natural and ambient light alone. Our interior photos look like the home as it really is, not like an artificially-lit stage.

Homelands.ca was first to use virtual tour navigation through the home using the listing’s floor plan. As with our still photos, the photography used in Homelands.ca virtual tour production is realistic and creates a life-like rendition of the rooms and areas within the tour. And our floor plans have a relaxed look and inviting layout intended to appeal to home buyers.

Homelands.ca is for uncommon real estate agents - professionals who supply their clients the best marketing available.

We’ve never had a client order a virtual tour who didn’t want photographs as well. So our virtual tours always include the photos needed to fit your listing. That’s so you won’t have to second-guess how many photos or virtual views to order or how much it will cost. A condo or small house, we’ll take perhaps 14 to 20 photos with 3 or 4 panoramic views and it costs $139; an average house - possibly 20 to 25 photos with 4 - 5 panoramas is $155; a large home - maybe 25 to 35 photos with 5 - 7 panoramas is $169. We make each virtual tour to suit its home, and do it for a price that will suit your budget!

You ordered a virtual tour? We’ll always include photographs as part of the tour - and always enough scenes to show the home well, no matter what size it might be.

A-la-carte photographs?

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Our floor plans are a natural to round out your listing presentation. They are easy to look at and add a vital dimension to your marketing.

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You’ll never have to cobble together another brochure or pay to have one designed for you. Order a virtual tour and a floor plan and get the matching digital brochure master for no charge. Or you can add one to any other Homelands.ca package for $37

Why pay more for a custom brochure and layout?

Get a print-ready brochure or postcard

Make your listing stand out from the rest: get started with a set of photographs.  Or choose a virtual tour and get all your photos included in a single price.

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